How I Lost My Virginity (True Story)

So it all started with this girl I met at a friends party, lets just call her Valerie. Mind you this is the first time i ever been to a party or ever gotten Drunk. So i come with my friend Michael who was also a noob to all this teenage life crap, we were both losers. He was 16 I was 17. Down to the point so i walk into the place and there’s a bunch of people sipping vodka, and Valerie is just eye fucking the shit out of me the whole time and offers me a drink of her chased liquor. so then i was kind of shy and I just awkwardly sat away on a bed in the middle of the party. I’m minding my own business when Valerie and her friends are talking and all of a sudden they push her onto me and we start making out like crazy. after a minute or two i open my eyes and my friend Michael was sitting next to us on the bed starring and he says “I’m just taking notes” Literally he said that shit, and i can hear people in the background talking shit like “Oh my god they are fucking disgusting get a room” and talk like that, but i didn’t give a fuck i was drunk and Thirsty hahaha. Any who  we were making out for like 20 minutes and we stopped and she asked me what my name was and i asked her what hers was and she gave me her number and told me to call her. She was super fucked up i think she threw up on one of her friends shoe and they had to drag her out of the house. I was still kind of tipsy and in disbelief because i couldn’t believe that just happened……. If you want to hear the rest of the story give me some likes, 

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